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More Engines Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

Welcome Net Surfers
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Back To Cool Links To The World Wide Web

A2Z Categorized directory of the most popular Internet resources by Lycos

Alta Vista Web Search Digital's new search engine (Choose query type: Simple or Advanced)

Ask Jeeves Ask your question in plain English...

Excite NetSearch Database of over 1 million Web pages

Galaxy Search for WWW, Gopher, and Telnet sites

HotBot Major new search engine from HotWired/Inktomi

Lycos "Your Personal Internet Guide" (Select search type)

MetaCrawler Multi-Threaded Web Search of 9 major sites

Northern Light Search Search the WWW and NL's own Special Collection of databases

WebCrawler Search WWW document content

Yahoo (Enter multiple search words)

Go To Search Engine - There is a whole page of search subjects too.
Infoseek Search Engine
Matilda - Australia
USA Online
Scrub The Web

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